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Most homes have a complex mixture of electromagnetic fields pulsing around the rooms 24 hours a day.  These are mainly made up from:

·         External mobile phone masts

·         External electromagnetic radiation from near neighbours electronic equipment

·         External from mains electricity substations

·         External from high voltage cables either over head or buried in the ground

·         Internal from your DECT cordless phone

·         Internal from your WI-FI router

·         Internal from your digital baby alarm

·         Internal from your transformers

·         Internal from your TV and computer screens

·         Internal from your main ring and lighting circuits

Mobile phone masts

Rule of thumb: Look out your bedroom window. If there is a clear and unobstructed view of a mobile phone mast facing your way within a distance of about 300 meters go to:  who sell and advise on various screening products.  (01353 778814)

If you look out your window but can’t see the masts because they are obstructed by other buildings then the power density will be mainly absorbed by those buildings and too low to worry about.

Go to  and put your post code in the box.  Your street will come up with the location of all the near-by mobile phone masts marked as blue triangles.



Electrosmog from neighbours

Paint the party or offending wall with carbon paint from :  to reflect it back.


If the substation is immediately next to your home there is little in a practical sense you can do to reduce the magnetic fields. Hire a meter from :  and check out the field levels.

Unless the substation is immediately adjacent to your house the EMF’s from these small street substations fall to background levels within about 3 meters.

Overhead electricity pylons.

EMF’s from power lines are likely to drop below 0.2 microtesla [200 nanotesla] level at about:

·         150 meters from 400 kv lines

·         120 meters from 275 kv lines

·         100 meters from 132 kv lines

·         50 meters from 66 kv lines

·         30 meters from 33 kv lines

·         15 meters from 11 kv lines

DECT cordless phones.

Emit radiation 24 hours a day even when you are not using them.

Change them for ordinary land line phones. Or if you are addicted to cordless phones by the low energy Eco + friendly types that only emit a signal when you are using them.  Google Siemens Gigaset Low Radiation Phones. Make sure you pickout a model that supports Eco + (not just Eco mode other wise the additional handsets will emit radiation)


WI-FI and DECT phones are overwhelmingly the main contributors to household electro pollution with power densities far above any nearby mobile phone mast.


If your internet connection is by telephone you will need the Netgear DG834 model opposite.


If your internet connection is via a cable connection you would need the Linksys wired modem opposite. There are other wired not WI-FI modems available ask your internet supplier.

You don’t need WI-FI in the home, school or office.  A far more efficient and environmentally friendly set-up would be to buy a hard wired router such as a Linksys Cable/DSL Router or Netgear ADLS2 Modem Router with 4 port 10/100 Mbps Switch DG834 with telephone connection) together with a dLan High speed Ethernet Installation starter kit from: .  This will enable you to route the internet signal through your house ring circuit enabling you to use as many computers a you want from any room with full internet connection without the WI-FI. Sounds complicated but is surprisingly inexpensive simple to set up and use.

Digital Baby Alarms.

Nearly all baby monitors are now Digital.  If you go to my website :  and click on Baby Monitors on my home page you will find a couple of recommendations where you can still get non digital baby alarms. Will do the same thing without the microwaves.

These alarms use the same technology as DECT cordless phones and will continuously pulsate microwave energy throughout the baby’s room and beyond.


Bedside clocks usually have the transformers inside the the clock housing.  Most others, usually black look like big 3 point plugs and are hot to touch. Make sure all transformers are at least two feet away from you body.

The job of a transformer is to convert high voltage to low voltage. An example of this is a digital bedside alarm clock that only need 6 volts to operate but plugged into your 240 volt ring circuit. The 234 volts that it doesn’t need is radiated out as energy and heat.

TV and Computer screens

Best to change your old cathode-ray monitors (the ones with the deep backs) to any type of flat screen monitor as these give of far less Electromagnetic fields than the old type which thankfully you can’t buy any more.

Main ring & Lighting Circuits

In order to get your body back to its proper earth bound resonance you need to be sleeping earthed.  Explanation of what is sleeping earthed and how you can do it is found on my website. Click first on my ‘Student’s Notes’ button and scroll to the end for pictures and explanation. A more technical account is also on my website a blue button under my picture.

Sleeping Earthed’ for even more information.

Your body voltage is highest where you sleep.

Naturally your body voltage should be in harmony and in equilibrium with the earth’s natural Schumann based electrical field, which is under 350 mV and normally stable at about 2 mV.  Average person sleeps with a body voltage of about 2,500 mV or more. Email me about more information about sleeping earthed.

Following all the above advice will make an immense difference to you and your families



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Student's Notes


Understanding Geopathic & Electromagnetic Stress

Roy Riggs B.Sc.


Geobiology explores the relationship between life and the Earth’s physical and chemical environment. The term was adopted many years ago by some German dowsers, ‘geobiologists’ who specialised in surveying houses for both geopathic and electromagnetic stress using both dowsing and scientific instruments.

The history of geobiology in this respect dates back to 1929 when a German aristocrat Baron Gustov Von Pohl, an eminent dowser, made the extraordinary claim that cancer was caused by ‘energy lines’ that ran under the beds of the people that had died from the disease. To test his theory he persuaded the Mayor of the Bavarian town of Vilsbiburg to allow him to survey the town for such energies with his dowsing rod. The Mayor agreed and in January that year Baron Von Pohl accompanied by the Mayor and other officials measured numerous energy lines that ran through the streets and houses of the town. Baron Von Pohl’s energy lines were then compared with the town’s record of houses where people had died from cancer during the last ten years, which showed a remarkable coincidence. Well this surprised the establishment at the time, and knowing Vilsbiburg to have a high degree on cancer victims anyway  he was asked to repeat the exercise in the City of Stetten which had a far lower incidence of cancer thus ironing out any chance factors. When measurements were taken in the City of Stetten, Dr. Harger, chairman of the city's medical scientific association, declared that all such deadly earth currents’ ran beneath the beds of all the 5,348 people who had died from cancer during the last 21 years. This inspired some scientists and medical engineers to probe into the matter more deeply.
In the 1930’s a French engineer Pierie Cody who lived in the sea-port of Le Havre knew of local cancer houses’ in the port where many people had died from cancer over the years. He decided to investigate the matter using a gold leaf electroscope. After checking large numbers of these dwellings, Cody concluded that the air in these ‘Cancer Houses’ were ionized to an unusual degree. From various other tests Cody concluded that the ionization radiation consisted of positively charged Alpha Particles. The only known source of alpha particle emission in dwellings was from a radioactive gas called Radon. (The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) estimates that out of 50.000 lung cancer deaths a year in Great Britain, Radon gas is responsible for about 2,500 cases.) Cody’s early research seemed to backup Baron Von Pohl’s findings that noxious vapors/energy from underground water baring fissures were responsible for many of the cases of cancer.

The war disrupted further research.
In the 1950’s the idea was again explored by Dr. Joseph Würst, a German scientist and Jakob Stängle, a German engineer and dowser. Dr Würst conducted experiments in several German towns, in the rooms of cancer patients and found unusual amounts of gamma radiation in the houses he surveyed using a Geiger –counter. Stängle, who had a very good reputation of locating water bearing fissures in crystalline rock with his dowsing rod developed a stintilisation counter more sensitive and accurate than a Geiger counter and carried out a scientific survey in the French town of Moulins where a local physician, Dr, J Prichard claimed that cancer victims in the town dwelt above geological faults. Whilst Würst and Stängle thought that gamma radiation from fissures could be a significant cause of cancer, more recent studies suggest that this is unlikely as gamma radiation tends to whiz straight through the body rather than causing direct hits on DNA. The culprit is thought to be the more pernicious alpha radiation from Radon which is found with high levels of gamma radiation. Research in this field continues with an increasing number of sophisticated environmental measuring instruments coming on the market to aid the geobiologist in identifying causative factors to illness and disease.


Underground Streams:
Water will flow through any underground passage, fracture of fissure. As it does so it produces its own electromagnetic field often high into microwave frequency. This field will fluctuate depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing or whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy. Interference with the earths natural energy field is particularly marked by the flow of these underground streams especially where two watercourses or other types of energy line cross. In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside line of a subterranean water course would be at the very top since it is found in association with many terminal and debilitating diseases. This type of energy line is easily detected by a skilled dowser. It can also be detected by a German analytical instrument developed by Dr. Earnst Hartmann and Dr. Dieter Ashcroft in Essen. This equipment known as the Genitron Felix - 3 detects ultra short and radio microwave frequencies with the ability to print them out on a [UKW- Spektrometer und Linienschreiber] This equipment is used in German universities and research institutes that confirms dowsable energy above subterranean water lines.

Some reported effects of sleeping on the outside edge of a flowing underground water course

(This type of energy is known to affect more women than men)

• Energy depleted state & hypersensitivity to light

• Insomnia Muscle and joint pains

• Depression Headaches

• Short term memory Loss of Balance

• Panic attacks

• Long term exposure in combination with other types of energy such as Hartman lines, high electromagnetic fields or geological faults can give rise to optimistic abnormal cell growth and cancer. It has been known for a long time that when there is flowing water under a dwelling the inhabitants always feel more tired, are prone to premature aging and have a loss of vitality than those who sleep above neutral ground. While water running beneath a domestic dwelling should be avoided, a stream situated nearby and open to the sky will favourably discharge its negative energies harmlessly into the atmosphere.

The dark square with flashing white lines is a photographic print of microwaves radiating in the space above an underground watercourse taken in total darkness. 'Points of Cosmic Energy' Blanche Merz 1995.  The wavy red lines on the graph are the frequency values of the energy emanating from an underground stream. (Recorded using Genitron Felex-F3 frequency analyzer)

Hypothesis for certain geo-electric effects from underground water flow.

Diagram depicts the flow of underground water and consequential chemical reactions within certain geological features that could be the origin of geopathic stress issues.

Prof, Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker is one of the leading research scientists on the issue of geopathic stress. More science based information can be gained by visiting his website

In varying speeds and amounts, water flows through the anisotropic, pervious ground (rubble, gravel, soil; sometimes also inside larger cavities) thereby taking up decomposition products (e.g. from lime (CaCO3) and from pyrite (FeS2) and, under certain circumstances also metallic particles which, when transported by water, will induce electromagnetic fields. Thus, moved metal particles and/or ions (Fe++, Mg++, Ca++, NO3) can lead to geo-electricity. Assumably low energy "broadband" dynamic field changes are created. Power densities, frequency composition and direction of those fields  depend on flow rate, type, composition and amount/concentration of the transported metals and/or ions per volume unit. An additional source of "power" from the ground is present wherever de-crystallization process takes place: During such reactions energy is set free.

The dipolar nature of water molecules can also be part of the origin of electromagnetic fields originating from ground contained water. As an extremely dialectic medium, water favours the formation of potential vortices, which immediately after their formation contract swiftly. Taking its electric charge distribution in to account, turning a water molecule will result in a changed field composition. If thus in a pipe a hydronamic flow vortex is produced, an electric and magnetic vortex and eddy current, are the result.


What are EMFs?

An EMF (which stands for "Electromagnetic Field") is a field of energy created by electrically charged objects. An electromagnetic field has two "components", a magnetic component and an electric component. The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents). Electromagnetic fields are also often referred to as "Electromagnetic Radiation" (EMR). You can't see, feel or hear electromagnetic fields, apart from visible light, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The electromagnetic spectrum refers to the range of different types of Electromagnetic Radiation.
These are usually sorted by the frequency. The frequency which the field oscillates at defines the type of EMR.
Here are some of the technologies that use or give off EMFs:

  1. Mains electricity

  2. Radio

  3. TV

  4. Mobile Phones

  5. Microwave ovens

  6. WiFi

  7. Infrared

  8. Visible light

  9. Ultraviolet

  10. X-rays

For visual explanation, NASA have a simple but useful diagram, and there is a far more detailed diagram available from thinkgeek (purchase required).

Pulsing / Continuous signals

We believe that one of the main reasons that EMFs (particularly microwave frequencies) are potentially bioactive is due to the nature of the signal itself. ......

For a more in-depth analysis, please read our article "To pulse or not to pulse".

Where do EMFs come from?

We have evolved with the natural levels of EMFs produced by both the sun and world around us. Background levels of EMFs vary hugely depending on which part of the spectrum being looked for - natural light is an obvious example. The earth's magnetic fields are static fields, unlike man-made alternating current (AC), which has no natural counterpart. Microwave frequency exposure is a relatively new phenomenon: 100 years ago the background radiation was millions of times lower than it is now, and it is as recent as the mobile phone boom (~1990's) that the modern, digitally pulsed signals have become ubiquitous in the Western world.

Power frequency (50Hz in the UK) is given off by any appliance or transmission of AC (alternating current) electrity. Electrical wiring creates electric and magnetic powerfrequency fields throughout houses and other wired buildings, but these levels are usually very low unless there is a wiring fault. Many standard household goods will leak power-frequency EMFs due to poor design.

Are EMFs dangerous?

Absolute proof of whether something is safe or unsafe is not possible to establish. Most areas of science can only deal in probabilities, and that becomes clearer as more scientific studies investigating health effects are produced. Unfortunately the studies are not always well done, and the flaws in any given study (showing an effect or otherwise) are often not reported.

Childhood leukaemia has been internationally accepted as linked to powerfrequency exposure magnetic fields, with a wealth of literature finding increases in risk to this and other illnesses. There is more disagreement about ill health effects from radiofrequency radiation, which is newer for most of the population, though a well-established 'microwave sickness' has been described. Precautionary levels which will protect us from illness have not been agreed on, as some countries wish the levels to be lower than others.

It is well documented and generally accepted that over-exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause burning and skin cancer. As a result fortunes are spent on protective sun cream and information services as to prudent avoidance of such exposures.

Microwave Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (300 MHz to 30 GHz)

The "Radiofrequency EMFs and health risks" article in the Powerwatch subscription section has a detailed and up-to-date overview of the existing science on microwave frequency EMFs and their effects on health.

Microwave ovens work on another well documented and understood principle. Molecules in the food are vibrated by high levels of microwave frequency Electromagnetic energy, causing it to heat up and subsequently cook. If you stood in front of an operational microwave with no door your insides would slowly be cooked. Because of this, microwave ovens are stringently designed against leaks, and opening the door operates a safety mechanism which disables the oven, thus removing the risk to the operator.

There are internationally accepted guidelines by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) that have been designed to limit both residential and occupational exposure to levels that are safely below those that can heat up tissue. Currently these guidelines are between 28 and 61 volts per metre (V/m) depending on frequency.

However, recently there has been a number of studies showing very specific biological effects far lower than these levels (see our Studies list), and as yet there is no international guidance that has taken any of these studies into effect. This, coupled with misleading statements designed to imply that there is currently no published evidence showing a link from organisations such as WHO, are the primary reasons why this topic remains in such hotly-disputed contention.

In contrast to the exposure guidelines leves set by ICNIRP, health effects are being reported as low as 0.06 V/m.

Typical sources of exposure from microwave frequency EMFs are:

  1. Mobile Phones

  2. Mobile Phone Masts

  3. Digital Cordless Phones

  4. WiFi and WiMax

  5. TETRA (police communication system)

Power Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (50 Hz (UK) and 60 Hz (USA))

Powerfrequency electromagnetic fields are generated by any appliance running off AC (alternating current) power - anything plugged into a main power socket will generate them to some degree. ICNIRP have set guidelines for residential and occupational exposure to powerfrequency magnetic fields, based primarily on electric shock responses and induced currents, currently set at 100 microtesla (µT) - equivalent to 1 Gauss.

At the moment, health effects primarily associated with powerfrequency EMFs are due to the magnetic component - these include, but are not limited to, Childhood Leukaemia, Adult Leukaemia, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Miscarriage, and Clinical Depression. The evidence on these is mixed, but the link with Childhood Leukaemia is now considered to be pretty solid, with a doubling in risk at magnetic fields above 0.4 µT (again far below the guidelines set by ICNIRP).

There is a fairly brief overview of health risks and evidence in the health concerns section of the electric power transmission article on Wikipedia. This research and considerably more is covered in greater depth in the "Power Frequency EMFs and health risks" article in the Powerwatch subscription section.

Typical sources of exposure from power frequency EMFs are:

  1. Powerlines

  2. Electrical Substations

  3. House Wiring

  4. Many standard electrical appliances

                                        Geopathic Influences &How buying the wrong mattress can make you ill                                                                    

The last type of geopathic disturbance that I want to talk about before we have a look at man-made electromagnetic energies concerns the earth's natural geomagnetic field (the one that makes a compass needles point  north). The bottom line is that nature never  intended us to sleep on such a disturbed site as shown in figure G2 which has been artificially produced by the bed being placed near to a radiator ( causing the high spike to the right of the graph)  and the springs causing the rest of the disturbed site. (not all springs will cause this phenomena depends to what extent they have been affected by magnetic influences)   A common term used to describe the G2 distortions is 'Geopathically Stressed '  There are many other types of Geopathically  Stressed areas not related to anomalies in the Earth's geomagnetic field.  Now let's see what can happen when we tinker around with nature's normal geomagnetic field.

                                                               © Roy Riggs 2004 Geomagnetogram G1                      © Roy Riggs 2004 Geomagnetogram G2

The first geomagnetogram (G1) typically represents the values of the Earths normal geomagnetic field taken by me in a farmer's field near Poynings village not far from where I live. As you can see the magnetic contours of this bed size area (6’x4’) are very gentle and slightly undulating showing an overall geomagnetic anomaly of 582 nT (nano Tesla). It is rare to find a magnetic anomaly above any natural terrain higher than 2000 nT. Within our evolutionary history our bodies own magnetic field has integrated with this magnetic field which is responsible for controlling amongst other things, circadian rhythms, mood changes and certain hormone production such as melatonin and serotonin.

The second geomagnetogram (G2) was taken above a sprung mattress from a lady suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depression, and has a magnetic anomaly of 22,435.4 nT. The sprung mattresses I have measured so far over the past two years have had magnetic anomalies between 4,000 and 61,000 nT. The reason for these abnormally high magnetic abnormalities is a result of the bed springs intensifying the magnetic flux of these fields, made worse by the interaction of high magnetic fields around the bed and house from numerous electrical appliances, extension cables running under the bed and transformers placed near to the bed. Our forefathers sleeping on straw or feathered mattresses in houses devoid of any electrical fields or microwave energy would not have experienced such geomagnetic disturbances. Each static magnetic field bump or sink on geomagnetogram (G2) may speed up or slow down body fluids (blood and lymphatic) in exposed areas such as the brain, heart, lung, liver, legs etc. Sleep time exposure to the same sharp variations of magnetic fields for years may induce some chronic health effect. The World Health Organization in a health criteria report recognizes interactions between variations in static magnetic fields in cellular tissues to include an induction of electrical potentials and magneto hydrodynamic effects in the circulatory systems and by direct stimulation of nerve and muscle cells even under extremely weak thresholds.

The Cliff of Tears
It is important not to underestimate the value of the earth's natural geomagnetic field (DC Field) which interacts with our bodies in many positive ways  This DC field rarely shows an anomaly above or below 2% of its normal strength which differs according to the latitude in which you live. However there are instances in nature where abnormal magnetic anomalies exist usually due to a sudden change in mineralogy or geological structure over a short distance. One instance of this is in the USA, at a place called Gyngywamp, near Croton, Connecticut known  as 'The Cliff of Tears' where visitors to this site very frequently become depressed, gums start to bleed and nose bleeds occur. People generally feel ill for no particular reason. In women unexpected commencement of menstruation is often reported. Indeed, in the town nearby, doctors and nurses are familiar with this sudden onset of illness in visitors to this old Indian sacred site. The causation seems to be that within a few meters the geomagnetic DC field varies from 330 milligauss at an 80 degree dip to 700 milligauss at a 59 degree dip. This is an extremely high and unusual magnetic gradient to experience. To varying degrees the health consequences of staying above one of these geopathically stressed locations can be replicated  in our own homes by the choice of mattresses we use.  The bottom line is, if you suspect your sleeping site is being disturbed by an unusually high magnetic anomaly then buy a bed that has a wooden base and place there upon a mattress that has no springs and make sure it is not placed near a radiator or other heavy metal object.

Unnatural Alterations in the Earth's Geomagnetic Field
A second and equally important influence on the sequence of mitosis is the role in which the normal earth's geomagnetic field (DC field) influences the formation and production of a healthy pregnancy. It appears that the exposure of a dividing cell to an inhomogeneous DC magnetic field causes a physical force to be exerted on the chromosomes or on one of the other microscopic structures associated with mitosis, resulting in structural abnormalities in the chromosomes. Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. is of the opinion that this knowledge is probably the single most important discovery of the century by providing us with a key to the mechanisms by which all electromagnetic fields and abnormal earth DC fields can produce detrimental affects with in the process of mitosis leading to abnormal cell growth and miscarriage.



Health risks due to exposure to electromagnetic fields EMF’s in the home were first suggested in America by Wertheimer and Leeper, when they estimated the levels people were exposed to, using ‘wire codes’, and the local incidence of childhood leukaemia. Since that time, international research has increased year by year, and the potential health risks have been identified as cancer (especially childhood leukaemia, probably the most studied illness because of the original findings), depression, suicide, miscarriage, some forms of dementia, respiratory and immune system problems.
  Because there are other causes of these illnesses, it is not clear what role EMF’s play in their development. Much of the research in the past 35 years into EMF health effects has concentrated on magnetic fields because they are easier to measure and it was thought they were more likely to interact with our bodies’ cells. Most scientists believe that, although EMF’s do not directly cause the illness in most cases, at least, living in fields above 200 nT (nano Tesla) may make a person develop the cancer or other illness, when if they didn't live in this field level, their bodies would be able to repair themselves, or cope with the daily damage from other causes in a healthier way. Some field levels stop prescribed drugs like tamoxifen from working.
Electric fields are increasingly being studied and the initial findings seem to indicate that they may be as hazardous to health as the magnetic fields. The very high electric fields associated with high voltage overhead power lines also cause air ionization, charging toxic aerosols so that they become even more dangerous. Initial findings associate lung and skin cancer with exposure to such ionization.
There is evidence that when both magnetic and electric fields are high there may be an even greater risk of ill health. Important areas to be aware of are bedrooms, especially where pillows are on beds, because EMF’s affect an area of the brain, called the pineal gland, which works to protect the body against illness overnight. It is also a good idea to look at places like a favourite armchair, or in front of a computer or TV. It is important that places like these where you are sitting or lying still for a longish period of time should have low EMF’s; cells tend to cope better with external fields if the person is moving around. When you are sitting still and particular cells keep being interfered with by EMF’s, there is an increased risk that the damage may become unrepairable.
Children are more likely to be affected than adults because their cells are more rapidly dividing as they grow. Most children sleep for longer than adults. If their bed place is in high EMF’s their health may be affected. It is worthwhile taking particular precautionary action with regard to children’s living environments.
Pets can also be susceptible to EMF’s in the environment. They are, by and large, short lived, but there is enough evidence of e.g. dogs sleeping next to night storage heaters developing cancer so it is also worth while making adjustments for them.
However, not everybody is susceptible to adverse health effects from EMF’s. if for example, a child statistically has a 1 in a 2000 chance of developing leukaemia, and because they live near an EMF source associated with an increased risk of developing this form of cancer their risk level doubles (i.e. changes to I in 1000), there are still 999 chances out of 1000 they will not develop leukaemia whilst living in this field. It is an increased risk, but far from a certainty.

Professor Ross Adey Research of the Bio-Effects of Living in Both High EMF’s and Pulsed Microwave Signals:

1. The effects on immune system; reduction of white blood cells to kill tumour cells.
2. Effects on fetal development and psycho sexual development.
3. Higher instance of miscarriage.
4. Accelerates growth in existing cancer cells.
5. Effects central nervous system and the brain in the ways which effect powerful hormonal mechanisms.

Stress sensitive hormones such as prolactin and thyroxide have been found to be elevated in people at work in high electromagnetic environments.  Prolactin plays a key role in moderating parts of the neuro-immune system and may also be an important precipitator of auto immune diseases.

Powerwatch UK recommend that domestic dwellings, especially sleeping places should have an electric field lower than 10 V/m (volts per meter) and an AC pulsed magnetic field below 100 nT (nano Tesla).

The human body is network of communications systems. Research by scientists such as Ross Adey in the USA and Dr Cyril Smith here in Britain is moving the frontier of our understanding. Messages pass between the brain, nerves and organs and even from cell to cell by electro- magnetic signalling. When this is interfered with by outside EMF’s problems begin to emerge, as the systems that control and regulate our bodies are impaired.

Professor Dr. Hubank of Vienna:
Speaking at a conference in England paid tribute to a group of Austrian researches composed of medical doctors, physicists and biochemists. In the course of several years research using classical medical methods they investigated about 1000 people for the effects of these geopathic interference zones. They found that the altered electrical and magnetic field above a geographical distressed zone changed the electrical impulses passing along the nerves of the body. This wrong or confused information resulted in the dysfunction of individual organs and also explained the high number of diseases. They proved a weakening in the immune system, which interacts with the wrongly programmed nervous system in persons who had been exposed. Confirmation of these experiments continue to appear and links have been, formed with the onset of cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Miscarriages, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other diseases of the central nervous system.

Have You Been Sleeping Above an Underground Stream?


Influence of Underground Water Veins and Geological fault Lines on the Autonomous Nervous System:


It has been scientifically proven for the first time, with a double blind study by means of an electrocardiogram, that the detrimental effects of “water veins” and other geopathically disturbing phenomena can cause serious health problems to persons exposed to them.


This presentation took place in March 2003 in the large auditorium of the Saint Johanns-hospital Landesklinjken Salzburg  Germany. (Salzburg Country Clinics), Mullner Hauptstraae 48, A-5020 Salzburg statt. There were about 400 people present including numerous renowned specialists; physicians, physicists and geologists, in the all-German audience.


Excerpts from Press articles from the Salzburg Country Clinic:

‘Research teams from Salzburg and Vienna have provided scientific proof that Geopathogenically Disturbed Zones have a massive influence on the body and its nervous system…’


‘These phenomena have been known about for millennia: On the one hand pilgrims visited certain stones or specially determined places in order to receive new power, on the other hand before purchasing a building or house, a water diviner is sent over the area or through the rooms, around perhaps zones disturbed by water veins to find stone rejections or in the electromagnetic field of the earth aufzuspuren and therefore the optimal location. A research team from Salzburg and Vienna have now proved for the first time, by being able to underpin and furnish scientific proof, that such so-called geopathogenic disturbed zones have a detrimental influence on the human body. ‘


These energies seem to affect women more than men. The main early warning symptoms:


Energy depleted state.                                     Panic attacks.

Insomnia.                                                        Depression

Headaches                                                     Short term memory loss.

Loss of balance                                              Hypersensitivity to light

Muscle and joint pains.                                   Candidacies.


·         Article by Edgar Breuss,: (Salzburg Krone)  29/03//03

·         Article by Frau Sabine Deubler (Salzburger Bezirksblatter) 10/04/2003

·         Article by Dr. Robert Harsieber,  (Medical Tribune)  Ausgabe 18,  30/04/03


How Geopathic Stress Negatively Affects the Human Body!


Written By Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker: Head, IGGMB - Research Institute for Frontier

Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology. Salzburg. Austria


At locations where Geopathic stress zones are present, subsurface water plays a predominantrole, either as lakes, slowly moving underground water, or as water streams. Water underneath the

surface does interfere with the human body, which also contains its own water in a special form (the human body is 70% water). Water from "below ground" affects the human body in several ways: Similar to a current transformer, information from one water source can be transcribed to the other water source and change the "human energy field" (HEF). Also, metal ions moved by water can induce small intensity broadband electromagnetic fields (EMF). These "EMFs" increase the "background noise" levels and interfere with physiologic processes in our body. that in part, rely on electromagnetic phenomena, such as membrane ion channels, or pacemaker regions in the brain or heart. Using a randomized double blinded trial*, it has been scientifically shown that Geopathic stress zones do cause chronic stress and therefore can weaken the body's defence systems.


Technical electromagnetic fields can also drastically affect the human body, as soon as certain field strengths are reached. There is clear indication that a combination of technical fields and Geopathic stress zones can multiply the effect and therefore become extremely harmful to all living beings. In that context. various structures in the human body playa role, e.g. incredible numbers of tiny magnetite's (nano-magnetos) present in our brain, various nerve cell and muscle related structures, and even protein functions can be modulated. Finally, this stress, in combination with a possible suppression of certain functions of the immune system. may even lead to the development of cancer. Results of spending time over Geopathic Stress Zones:



Geopathic Stress Zones weaken the human organism


  1. • Leads to stress; long lasting stress turns into chronic distress and disease

  2. • Clear indication that Geopathic Stress weakens the immune system, cardiovascular

  3. system and others .

  4. • Sleeplessness (insomnia): No relaxation, weakening the immune system and furthering

  5. aggressive behaviour.

  6. • Health Facilities: Healing does not work well when the body is continually subjected to

  7. Geopathic Stress.

  8. • Wellness-centres/ spas: Success of therapy and stress-management depend on location of

  9. beds being free from Geopathic stress .

  10. • Athletes: The winners have slept well.

  11. • Schools, Kindergartens, offices. etc.: Aggression and interpersonal relationships vary

  12. based on location of the person's sleeping bed and desk, among others.

  13. • Economy and work place: Decreased performance, increased probability of employee' s

  14. getting illnesses, sick days. etc.



Biomedical Evidence of Influence of Geopathic Zones on the Human Body: Scientifically Traceable Effects and

ways of Harmonization. by Gerhard W. Hacker. Elisabeth Pawlak. Gemot Pauser. et.a!. Forsch Komplementarmed

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